Investment Philosophy

At 1618 Investment Funds, we manage broadly diversified equities and bonds as well as multi asset funds. Depending of the type of fund, absolute and relative return strategies are applied.


Our asset managers are dedicated to generating long term capital appreciation based on active management and strong conviction. The core positions correspond to our general market assessment while a derivative overlay is added to benefit from more opportunistic strategies.


We believe the first step for a good performance is the protection of the capital. As a result, we always take into account relevant market opportunities with respect to optimum diversification and strict risk budgeting. In addition, our team always implements the desired structure of a portfolio in a cost efficient manner.


Financial markets have never been so challenging. In this context, the capacity to adapt has become essential to deliver positive return over the long term. Based on a broad experience from traditional to quantitative areas, the management team constantly improves our trading tools in order to secure the portfolios and discover new investment opportunities.