Risk Management

The 1618 Investment Funds are committed, on one hand to a rigorous internal investment process, on the other hand to a strict and independent risk management.

Internal Real-time Monitoring

We developed state of the art risk management tools in order to strictly monitor every process and products in real-time. This ensures that the overall risk remains within the set limits and that our investment guidelines are observed.

External Independent Monitoring

At the same time, an independent entity is committed to a strict control of our Portfolios and individual positions on a daily basis to assure our process is in line with the latest UCITS risk management requirement.

Risk budgeting

Most of our active management is based on the idea of risk budgeting. Integrated into the whole investment process, it gives our managers the possibility to fix ex ante strict boundaries to their positions. Risk budgeting also gives a quick and clear view on where the risk is and in what proportion.


The 1618 Investment Funds offers total clarity of  their investment strategies. Our clients know all about our research, methodology and risk allocation before and after investing. By using standard and listed instruments, we secure the highest liquidity, thereby the possibility to increase or reduce a subscription on any fund and at any time.