World Equity

Investment Objective:

The objective of the sub-fund is to generate performance by investing in international equities in accordance with a policy of active and discretionary management.

Investment Philosophy:

Half of the sub-fund is permanently invested in international equities (all market capitalisations, without any restriction in terms of sector or geography, including the emerging markets).
The sub-fund may indirectly invest in bonds, commodities and precious metals, as well as currencies and money market instruments for the purposes of good management of the portfolio.
Derivatives are used for the purposes of good management of the portfolio as well as for hedging purposes.
The investment currencies are not necessarily identical to the sub-fund’s benchmark currency. The resulting foreign exchange exposure is not systematically hedged, but will be managed actively by the Fund Manager.
The sub-fund is actively managed in an environment of rigorous risk control.

Investment Horizon: 5 years